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How does Transmitex fulfil customer transactions?

At Transmitex, we believe in personalised service. For this reason, we keep an open line of communication on our whatsapp lines to support our customers till their transactions are completed.

When a customer places an exchange order on the website, how does Transmitex fulfil the order?

After we have received a customer’s exchange request, we encourage customers to reach us on whatsapp to receive updates on their order. We will also contact customers by email or whatsapp if we need more information or to give them an update on their transaction..

How long does it take to fulfil transaction?

In the absence of any delays from our partners (banks, payment systems). Transmitex will fulfil all transactions within two hours of receipt of the funds.

I sent naira to the Transmitex Nigeria account but the whatsapp agent says it has not been received. What should I do?

In instances where naira is not received, we urge customers to contact their bank to ascertain the cause of the issue. We will do our best to support our customers should this occur.

Must a customer complete verification before initiating an exchange request?

Yes. All customers must complete the verification before their first transaction. We always check to ensure that a customer has completed the verification process before fulfilling a transaction. If verification is not done, we will contact the customer to complete their verification before fulfilling their transaction.

How can customers complete the verification

Customers can find the verification link on the Kyc page and in the menu. Customers just need to click on the link, upload a government-issued photo identification card and take a selfie.

How is customer information stored and used?

Customer data is protected using our topnotch safeguard measures. Customer information is treated with utmost confidentiality and is not sold or given out for any reason.

Does Transmitex handle money transfers to other countries aside Canada and Nigeria?

Currently, Transmitex only handles money remittance to Nigeria and Canada. Money service for other countries will be rolled out in the near future.

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